5 Easy to implement SEO tips

These SEO tips are simple and very effective for any online business. You don’t need to know Html to implement these SEO tips. These are especially useful if you have just launched your web site or if you wish to re-optimize your web pages.

1. Titles and Description Meta tags for each page of your web site:

Each page should have appropriate titles and description Meta tags. When writing the titles and descriptions, consider using key terms relevant for that page. For instance, for your product page, it will be helpful, if you mention about the product and its utility in the title. The description can be longer with details of your products. Ensure that the use of your key terms appears natural. Remember these will be read by visitors and not just robots!

Your page titles and descriptions show up on search engine, and that is the first contact that a visitor has with your site.I can’t even begin to tell you how important this is for any online presence!

2. Use relevant keywords in your content:

Ensure that the text that you provide on each page is in synchrony with that page. If it is your “Contact us” page, it should have content that reflects your contact information.

3. Use Intelligent Internal Linking:

If your web site has a linking structure that has several levels, ensure that each page is at least linked to the 2nd or 3rd level page (depending upon the linking structure) and the “Home page” for sure. Since every page of a web site is a potential landing page, a visitor should not feel lost, if they land up at some other page instead of your “Home” page. They should be able to navigate across the whole site without any difficulty. Also, a product page should have links to similar products, more information on those products, customer support numbers, online help, etc.Try to make your web site as interactive as possible by providing meaningful and useful links.

4.Image optimization:

If you are selling products it will be helpful if you put up clear images of your products. Link each image to a larger version so that the visitor gets to see the larger version of the image as well. Images should have meaningful names as per the product name and not “ABCD1234.jpg”. Essentially, your images should be searchable. The more searchable you are the more visible you become!

5. Local submissions:

Submit your website to  Google Local, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local. It is essential for your online success that your web site shows up on local searches as well.

These SEO tips will help you get started. You will need to continuously build on these SEO practices. SEO is all about optimization, both on-page and off-page. To reach your potential customers; you need to first ensure that your web site is prepared for your visitors. Your website offers something of value in terms of products, services, and information, and it deserves to be visible to your potential customers. These tips will certainly help your website in terms of visibility.

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