10 Tips to optimize/enhance your website for users and search engines

1. Get your website user ready. Try to make it easy for the users to access information.

2. It will be very helpful for visitors if a simple Navigation is followed. If you are using images for your navigation, it might be helpful to have corresponding textual navigation.That way even if your images do not download, your textual navigation will provide the necessary guidance.

3. Consider having a newsletter. You can get visitors to register for your newsletter for free.  Newsletters are a great way to communicated with potential customers. Have ample scope in your website to receive user feedback.

4. Design the contact us form so that it is an easy tool for visitors to reach you. Drop down options will make it easy and fast for visitors to send you a feedback. It helps to have a short feedback form. If possibly make only a few fields mandatory.

5. If you have a local presence, do mention the address of the organization, phone nos and directions to reach your office.

6. Start a blog. It helps to generate content and encourages participation from visitors.  It will be helpful if you provide external links to websites that complement your business or any web site or article links, videos anything you think your visitors will benefit from.

7. Have  a site map that clearly shows the layout of the website. A few lines of description against each link helps visitors identify the page or link they need to visit in order to find the information they are seeking.

8. If your website is huge and there is enormous amount of information, it will really help visitors if you consider having a search option in your website.

9. Encourage visitors to share your posts/ pages on social networking sites such as twitter…

10.It will be very helpful if you analyze your website traffic. Web traffic analysis software can be easily installed and you can get one for free. You can further optimize your website based on data made available by the web traffic analysis software.

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