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Local SEO in uncertain times

Local SEO was always critical for businesses but now it is even more so… it is THE shining star for businesses and customers during these uncertain times.

If you are not optimizing your local pages or do not have a local presence in Google or Yahoo local pages, it is now even more critical that you have one.

Here’s how optimizing your local page will help you serve your customers even more so during these uncertain times.

  • With lockdown imposed in several countries, depending upon the nature of products and services that you are providing, you may either be operating from home, or part-time or with reduced staff.

    Updating and optimizing your local page to reflect real-time, relevant information will not only help you, your customers will thank you for it.
  • In case you are operating in a different mode and are providing services that you may not have provided earlier or otherwise, the relevant information needs to be updated in your local page.

    Optimizing local pages for a specific locality with information that will be useful for your customers, and your business is the ultimate goal of local pages.
  • If you are providing services such as repairs, which involves visiting a customer’s premise, how are you providing your services now? What will customers do during a lockdown in case they require your service?

    This is where you can make the most of your local presence and reach out to customers proactively by providing information, numbers, contact details (if you are present worldwide or in different parts of a country every store’s information, availability, needs to be updated and optimized). Once done, the information is readily available instantly to your customers. That’s how relevant and powerful local is!

These uncertain times have prompted several businesses to think out of the box.

  • Many are coming up with innovative ways to keep their customers engaged and to help them during these difficult times. What better way than to update and announce those on the local pages!
  • Local SEO is even more pertinent now for business that are providing essential services. If you are providing health care services, grocery, food delivery services, Internet, E-commerce, or similar essential services….each of your local page, online store information should be updated and SEO optimized (with new offers, home delivery schedule (if any), hygiene, safety standards, and any other relevant information)

In summary, local SEO is the best platform for your business to reach out, help, support, and re-connect with your existing customers, and to get new customers.

Stay safe and healthy and get Local🙂

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