Guaranteed SEO?

Guaranteed SEO; Myth or reality ?

From the Search engine optimization perspective, what can an Internet marketer guarantee?

Can an Internet marketer guarantee that your web site will rank within the top 10 results in 3 months? And if they do so, do you think that is possible?

With the internet getting a deluge of web sites that are competing for the same keywords, and the same set of audience, how easy is it to guarantee results?

So what happens when you subscribe to such services, and they don’t keep their word?

I have seen many such SEO agencies promising to return your money if they do not fulfill the guarantee. I guess most of us would say, what’s there to lose? I will get back my money after all, so let’s give it a shot.

But wait…do you think we do not have anything to lose by subscribing to such services?

Before subscribing to any services, please make sure you know the basic steps or strategies that they planned for your website. It is important that you know this, because sometimes in the hope that they will get your website to rank at the top of search engines, these agencies might use techniques that may not be the SEO best practices. You might end up losing much more than you bargained for!

So even after you may have unsubscribed from the SEO agency’s services, your website may have to bear the brunt of the after effects of techniques that may not be the best practices. You need to tread carefully especially with SEO agencies that claim to guarantee rankings through organic results.

In my opinion no one can make such claims or guarantees.

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