SEO is not a ranking tool!

SEO is not a tool, it is a process, and a powerfully effective one!

Happy new year!

SEO in 2020
SEO in 2020

For my very first post in 2020, I wish to address the below-question about SEO that I keep getting:

I want my website to rank for specific keywords in the top 3 in the SERPs, please use SEO and rank my website asap.

The above myth/expectation about SEO is of concern. Most people believe that by implementing some of the SEO practices they will be able to rank in the top 10 in the SERPs. Nothing can be further from the truth!

SEO is not a ranking tool to get top ranking, it is a much more powerful process that has unlimited benefits!

A few facts about SEO:

1. SEO is not your skip the line to top ranking!

2. SEO will not and cannot guarantee top rankings.

3. SEO is all about optimization.

5. It is holistic in its application.

6. It is a continuous process.

7. SEO’s benefits are unlimited, and among other things, it impacts ranking.

8. SEO has evolved and will continue to do so…but the roots are entrenched in the best practices

9. SEO’s application is visible everywhere on the internet. Every page, image, anything visible to the visitor is optimized for searchers and searches.

10. Search Engine Optimization is here to stay.

In 2020, SEO’s application is going to get wider…starting from helping websites/ pages gain visibility to ensuring that searchers and searches are being served instantly, accurately, and in an optimized manner!

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