Page Titles & SEO; Do Title tags impact ranking?

Page titles & SEO

Page titles and SEO go hand in hand. The title of a page does impact the ranking of a page. It is one of the various factors considered while optimising your site.

Page titles play a role not only in SEO but in converting visitors into paying customers. Title tage The page title of a site is THE gateway to your site. If your web page title is able to provide enough information about what your visitor is looking for….high chances you will get a click. The title and the description both play an important role. However it is the title of a page that gets a visitors attention first.

Let’s look at the example below:

I typed in online language courses in Duckduckgo search engine and here are the top results:

SERPS results for importance of title tags

As you can see, the titles of each of the page describe the USP of each of these websites. If someone is looking for a free online course, we know exactly which site they will click on . As a webmaster, we should try our best to use the benefits of our services in the title tag. No problem if it exceeds the maximum length requirement. The guideline is to use max 60 characters because beyond that length it gets truncated and does not get displayed on the SERPS.

However, Google recently mentioned that the title tag length does not have a limit. So as long as titles are relevant and are not unnecessarily packed with keywords, it will not impact you negatively. The title has to be relevant and attractive.

If you are looking for guidance on how to write attractive and relevant page titles, you can check my article that I wrote several years back, Best Practices-Title page. You may find this article helpful.

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