FACE it and BING it on

There is a lot that has happened in the search engine world in the last couple of weeks.

1. Facebook’s new search engine is allowing you to search for real-time news from its database of trillions of posts

2. And Bing is now profitable!

How will this impact SERPs and SEO?

With Facebook opening up all the past and future posts for public searching…it means that the search results that Facebook will return will not only be more customized, but a lot of comments and real-time views & opinions will become easily accessible. Search results will become more interactive and meaningful. With such a rich history of posts, almost anything that is typed in the search box of Facebook is sure to fetch some results.

Will this impact the searches that are happening on search engines such as Google and Bing?

Not just yet, it will depend on how relevant and useful the search results in Facebook turn out to be. There will definitely be some impact overtime.

With BING becoming profitable, it is going to start increasing its share of audience thereby eating into Google’s share. Considering that Google accounts for almost 80 % of the search traffic, it will certainly take a while to topple the scales, if at all, but there will certainly be an increase in BING’s share of audience over time.

From the SEO perspective, Facebook’s new search tool makes it even more important to ensure that posts are optimized so that people can find them on searching. Especially for business pages that are looking to grow their audience, this is a wonderful chance to optimize and apply SEO best practices on posts, pages, content etc.

Individuals who usually share their posts with their family and friends only, and would like their posts to be seen by a select few only, will need to restrict access to who sees those posts in Facebook. This restriction can be easily imposed by going into the privacy tab of the settings option in Facebook.

“Whatever you are searching for can be found here”,

With this being the mantra today, we are seeing a world where accessing information is getting easier and better.

With Facebook’s new search tool making it easy for anyone to access posts by anyone, the only thing that people need to be aware of is the fact that a lot of what they say and post will be public, and strangers may come across posts that were intended for a select few only. Facebook does allow you to limit access to your past posts from the settings option.

The ever evolving world of search impacts almost everything around it; starting from the various ways and means through which search happens to search results, can SEO be left behind?

Almost anything that has to do with search and search engines has an impact on SEO. SEO is ever evolving and will continue to expand its domain in order to optimize websites for better performance. It continues to and will continue be one of the most important Internet marketing activities now and always.

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