Videos; A powerful tool for online marketers

When we search with a particular keyword/ key phrase, on any of the popular search engines, Along with the text results, we always have the option of going through images, news and videos related to the search.

When are we most likely to choose videos over textual results?

There are several instances where searchers will prefer videos over textual search:-

• If we are looking for a music video, then we will likely go directly to YouTube and watch or download the video.
• Sometimes, if we want to look up a recipe, it helps if there is a video on that.
• A lesson is much better explained through a video clipping.
• If you plan to visit a place, a video of that place will certainly be the best thing to watch.

There are many-many such instances where videos are preferred over textual links.

What is Video marketing?

Online video marketing is a tool that webmasters/online marketers use in order to spread awareness,  attract potential customers,  by creating  highly attractive videos of their products and services online.These video are uploaded on to popular websites such as, YouTube.

Having a video for your product/service largely depends upon the product or service you are offering. More often than not, it will make sense to have a video on your products.Video marketing online is perhaps one of the most effective ways of attracting traffic to your products, and website.

The visual impact that a film can create on your potential customer is indeed precious! Especially if you are launching a product for the first time, a video that explains how to use your product can benefit you immensely. Before buying any product, we all want to know how it looks, what it can do, and many other things. A video will provide your potential customers with a complete idea of the product.

Sometime people get so convinced with the videos that they want to buy the product then and there!

Your video should have links; call in numbers, and all the information a potential customer will require in order to purchase it. In order to give your initial online marketing effort a boost, you may also want do a run a short campaign with video enabled PPC with Google AdWords.

How will SEO (Search Engine Optimization) help?

The same rules apply. An attractive title, an appropriate description, and relevant tags; these basic rules will always remain universally true. Just follow the SEO best practices for your videos as well, and soon you will find that your video is doing well on the organic page as well. When this happens, you may want to go slow with your PPC campaigns.

Attracting relevant visitors to your website, or getting visitors to take the required action, is the final objective of any webmaster. Videos can most definitely help in achieving that objective.

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