The Wayback Machine; how will it help Web marketers?

I just read about the wonderful news about They have received substantial donation to rebuild the code base whereby enabling them to get into a much more robust form than it is now. The new form will be up and about from 2017.

What is a Wayback machine?

In the real world there is no way of going back to what you left behind (unless you have a time machine) however in the virtual world, thanks to “”, there is a way back. lets you search for sites, as they existed in the past, as far back as 1997. enables you to visit sites, access information, content, and almost
anything that has been published on the internet essentially in the digital format. It is a storehouse of everything internet, you can visit sites that may no longer be in existence, listen to music, watch videos that were published almost 18 years back….it is the one place to go to for research. has been in existence since 1996. I think this is one of the best efforts to safeguard and protect things that get published in the digital format…it is indeed of extreme value to anyone who uses the internet, and which is pretty much all of us.

How will help webmasters?

In every way possible…here is a source from where, provided your site allowed crawlers, you can get the information that you may have forgotten about your site. How did your site look 10 years back? Or even 5 years back?

Search engines such as Google will provide you current information but what about the historic data?

We make some decisions without having a complete understanding of what is working well, and what is not, what needs to be changed, and what needs to be left as is…Google web Analytics addresses and helps in analysing data and provides inputs so that web masters can make informed decisions and implement new strategies…however here is an option to get the exact picture of your site as it was at any point of time…you will be able to check what changed and perhaps bring back features and make decisions based on this research. No longer will you be in the dark in terms of what happened back then. is a wonderful way to get connected with the past information, and this includes not only information pertaining to your site and content, but everything else that had relevance and impacted internet marketing, this will be our research tool for any information that has been published in the digital format. Once the new search engine becomes operational, in my opinion, it will become one of the most frequented search engines for information as it happened in the past.

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