Search Engine Algorithms, Can we make them our friends?

This article is a follow up on my earlier article on Optimize SEO keywords for better performance. I have changed the search term to a different one.

I was shopping for a gift, a wine bottle, and I wanted to know which wines are considered the best. I googled and found some good links, I wanted some more and I searched in Yahoo! an MSN. Out of curiosity, I kept a log of the results in all the three search engines.

I searched with the key phrase “best wines“. This key phrase has a global monthly search volume of 75000. I have taken into account only the top 5 results from each of the search engines.

1. Google › Home, Garden & Events › Wine


The site that was common in all the sites in We will take up in detail in my subsequent articles. A check in Google on how many sites are linking to shows 215. Google shoes up only 7 back links for that ranks no 1 in google. Except for and, none of these pages show a significant number of back links when I searched on google.Is Google now not giving as much credit to back links as it did earlier? Having said that, I think I will need to dig deeper for an answer. Will continue this article in my next post. Till then have a glorious Sunday.