Search Engine Algorithm

Search Engine Algorithms, Can we make them our friends?

Search Engine Algorithms

This article on search engine algorithms is a follow up on my earlier article on Optimize SEO keywords for better performance. In this post I am using using the example of a different search term.

I was shopping for a gift, a wine bottle, and I wanted to know which wines are considered the best. I googled and found some good links, I wanted some more information , and I searched in Yahoo! an MSN. I kept a list of the search results in all the three search engines.

Next, I searched with the key phrase “best wines“. This key phrase has a global monthly search volume of 75000. I have taken into account only the top 5 results from each of the search engines.

1. Google › Home, Garden & Events › Wine


The site that was common in all the web sites was We will take up in detail in my subsequent articles. A check in Google on how many sites are linking to shows 215. Google displays  only 7 back links for that ranks no 1 in google. Except for and, none of these pages show a significant number of back links when I searched on google. Is Google not giving as much credit to back links as it did earlier? I don’t think so.

Links cannot be discounted; one of the reasons for to be at the top of SERPS are the incoming links.

In order to determine how maintains this ranking, I will need to dig deeper and research a bit more on search engine algorithms. There is certainly a a considerable weight-age given to links, links cannot be discounted, however, the algorithm is likely placing more value on the relevance of links. Getting algorithms to be friends with you does require building an understanding and knowledge of how they work. It is a time taking process and requires a lot of patience….but it is worth every bit of it!

Will continue this article in my next post. Till then have a glorious Sunday..

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