Infographics and SEO

Infographics are an attractive and effective way of presenting information and data.
They are like images within your content but with a difference.

As a child I always found it easier to understand and grasp any problem if it was graphically represented. I found it very useful while studying life sciences. Before going through any text, I used to go through the diagrams and understand each part of it. After that it was so easy to recall and comprehend everything about that topic. I think almost anything that is visually represented has a higher staying power.

More so now, because not everyone has the patience to read through extensive write ups. If the write up can be broken up into meaningful and logical sequence, would it not be easier for everyone to digest the information?

One of the main reasons why infographics is so popular is because it utilizes the visual medium in the most effective way to display a message.

Does Infographics help in SEO?

It certainly does. After all SEO is not just about higher visibility on the internet but it is also about retaining and converting traffic. Infographics helps in retaining traffic by creating informative content in a visually pleasing format. They are just like images in a page, but much more powerful!

Infographics can be used as a powerful tool by Internet marketers to make their campaigns more effective since a lot can be said without saying volumes. Almost everything that you can think of…graphs, charts, images, text, data, everything can be used attractively and in a meaningful way to convey a message.

You may want to consider using infographics in your pages and see the difference.

Here is a very simple example of how you can effectively convert a lot of text into a visual and easy to understand infographic. This of course is not to meant to replace your textual content. How you use infographics depends on your content strategy, if you wish for visitors to grasp a lot of information quickly, using infographics will definitely help.

Text only Vs Infographics

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