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How to increase traffic to website for free

Increase traffic to your website for free by applying simple and effective SEO strategies that will get you relevant traffic within no time. This post has tips and action plans on how to make this happen.

Let’s start with understanding a few things:

Why are you looking to increase traffic to your web site for free?

The obvious answer would be to increase sales, to subscribe to your newsletter/register, to increase awareness about what you do, and various other actions that you want the visitors to take when they are in your site.

Let’s narrow it down a bit.

If the reason you want more traffic to your site is because you want your visitors to take a required action after arriving at your website/ pages, then should you not focus on relevant traffic instead of any traffic?

You may ask how this is different? This is different, and here is why.

If your website’s focus is too generic, you may not get the traffic that you want since you are competing with a whole lot of competitors who are targeting those generic focus areas. Even if you get some traffic, most of it may be irrelevant since the visitors you get may not be looking for exactly what you offer.

In order to attract targeted visitors your website needs to be extremely focused. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your online presence reflect the objective of your business ?
  • Is every page and every footprint that you have online in alignment with your business objective?

If not, consider taking a step back and review the content of your website to check if your objective and content are in alignment.

Optimize, Optimize, and optimize until you are fully satisfied that your online presence is in alignment with your business objectives.

Once done, it is time for you to focus on increasing relevant traffic to your website

Below are 5 key areas that will help you increase traffic to your website for free.

  1. Post regularly to all of your social media accounts; ensure you post every single day…multiple times. Start following all relevant accounts including your competitors. Engage with people who may be your potential customers.
  2. Get as aggressive as you can, post special offers regularly. Invest time in creating attractive call to actions pages with offers that are irresistible.
  3. Get visual. People like consuming information in a visual format.
  4. Post videos of customer testimonials. This is extremely important if you are just starting off and establishing trust is important. Even if you have one customer, ensure you share that customer testimonial. If video testimonial is not possible, pictures of the customer with the testimonial would be the next best option.
  5. Make it easy for visitors to take the action you want them to take by linking your social media posts directly to the relevant landing page in your site.

These are my top 5 tips to start increasing traffic to your website for free. I have written several more posts on increasing traffic, and I will leave the links below.

My objective of setting up this website is to help webmasters with all the information that they would need to increase visibility online. The information provided in this website is completely free. My only request is for you to share this information to as many people who you think will benefit from this.

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