How can PPC (Pay per Click) Ads help with SEO?

PPC and SEO; work together to help you achieve your online marketing objective

In my previous posts I have talked about the need for running short term campaigns on Google and Yahoo!

This is especially useful when you have launched a new site and are in need to instant traffic. There are quite a few positive outcomes of running paid campaign.

1. Getting started is very easy. You need to have an account with Google in order to get started.

2. Here is a link to Google’s AdWords which explains each step in detail –

3. Setting up campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, and keywords is a process that will force you to think about your product, come up with attractive Ad copies, and relevant keywords. This process is extremely rewarding, you will be surprised at how much information you will need to come up with in order to run a successful Ad.

4. For instance if you have three products, you may want to set up different campaigns for each, have probably 2-3 Ad groups with relevant keywords and Ads under each. What is exciting is, you may need to create different landing pages for each of these Ads, so that the potential customers land on the page that is in sync with your ad. After running the campaigns for quite some time, you will find that some ads are doing better, some landing pages are doing better; this is where you start collecting information for SEO.

From this exercise, you will come up with a list of keywords/key phrases that people are actively searching for, maybe you did not use these keywords in your content at all!

You will get some great ideas from the landing pages that you designed for your paid ads, and implement those on to your content pages as well. Not only will PPC generate some leads for you, it will help in optimizing your website for better performance both with visitors and search engines.

This is an ongoing process, you will need to optimize your PPC ads on a regular basis so that you get the best ROI from your PPC campaigns, and implement changes in your website so that your SEO efforts start showing results too.

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