Holiday season sales with Google AdWords and SEO

With the holiday season at its peak, and a lot of last minute shoppers around, you can still make some quick sales this month. If you have been working on search engine optimizing your website, you may already be seeing results from your organic listings. In order to increase your reach, you may also want to make use of Advertising.

Here is how –

Pay per click Ads or Placing ads on Google or Yahoo are one of the fastest ways of spreading your message across to the target audience. This also happens to be one of the fastest ways of converting visitors into paying customers.Google AdWords has various features in its AdWords plan that reaches your products to a very relevant audience within no time.

Product listing Ads:

One of the most relevant and effective ways of reaching out your products to your customers is the product listing Ad. You need to have a merchant account with Google in order to take advantage of this.There are two ways of going about this. You could opt for Product extensions or Product listing ads. Product extensions will basically add the product information to your existing AdWords Ads. The other more customized option is to opt for Product listing ads. These are standalone ads that appear alongside the AdWords ads in the search results. This option is not available for all countries. For more information on this, visit this link-

Dynamic targeting ads and landing pages:

Through this option Google generates ads right from the content of your website. What this option does is, when a searcher types in a query in Google, Google generates the Ad headline based on the search query and the text is based on the most relevant landing page of your website. The result that gets displayed under the Ad section is customized and relevant. The beauty of this option is the relevancy; it increases manifold because the results delivered by Google through this option, matches almost exactly what the searcher asked for!

Video ads:

Video ads are another way of promoting your products this holiday season. With Google display Ad builder you can quickly customize and create video ads for your products within minutes.

SEO goes hand in hand in almost all the above options. If the content of your web pages are optimized well, Google dynamic search will capture relevant content from your website. Similarly, for your video ads you may want to follow the SEO best practices for titles, descriptions, and keywords. This will certainly help in attracting relevant traffic.

Get going, catch the last minute shoppers before they land up at your competitor’s web site.

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