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Holiday Season Sales strategy for Retailers in 2021

Holiday season sales strategy for Retailers in 2021 and the key areas to focus upon this season is what this post is all about.

This topic, the holiday season sales strategy for retailers, I came across in a recent report from Microsoft and it has some very valuable insights for retailers.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

1. The number of online shoppers continues to increase in 2021:

This does not come as a surprise, since the pandemic online sales have continued to climb and with more and more people expected to join the bandwagon.

What this means for retailers is to adopt and find creative ways to sell online by providing options that buyers are choosing such as, gift cards, pick up in-store, buy now pay later, and sustainable gifts.

2. Online Search will continue to play a major role in shopping:

Online search is being used by more and more shoppers to start searching for products and 76% of consumers bought a product by virtue of researching online.

3. Competition will continue to be stiff since more and more retailers are now e-commerce enabled and online.

4. Shopping for holiday season started early in 2021:

Many shoppers started early in the year and are not waiting for black Friday sales or any special holiday season sales. They started shopping from as early as May. This is a critical point, retailers need to be creative and ensure their holiday seasons sales strategy includes attractive options early on and not wait until the last moment.

In Summary: The holiday season sales strategy for Retailers should mainly focus on the the shopping behaviour of consumers combined with retail competition which is on the rise. Two main areas that retailers need to be aware of are , firstly, the holiday season shopping is starting early on, and secondly, more than ever before, online search and online research is directly impacting sales.

Retailers will not only have to be e-commerce enabled, they will need to adopt a creative online strategy for 2021, and for years ahead in order to attract and convert online visitors.

Most importantly if you are a retailer, consider rolling out your holiday season online sales strategy early on instead of waiting until the end of the year. With Weekday shopping, Gift cards, and sustainable gifts gaining traction in 2021, you may want to consider all these options in your strategy.

Here is the link to the Microsoft report. I recommend reading this report in full to get the complete picture.

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