Reach targeted customers

Get targeted customers with Yelp

Get targeted customers with Yelp

Yelp has been lately working on several of its existing features that will help businesses get targeted customers. They recently rolled out updates that will help businesses/advertisers increase their reach to potential customers. In this post we will look at what those updates are and how will those help you as a business owner.

So what are the new Yelp updates?

There are two main changes that they have made as below,

  • Custom Location Targeting
  • Budget recommendation and infrastructure updates

Lets elaborate a bit on what this would mean for your business.

Custom Location Targeting (CLT):

Businesses could earlier only target a radius around their physical business location. With this new CLT feature, businesses are now able to run ads/have targeted ads in the geographical regions where they have businesses.

Advantages of this new feature: With this new feature, businesses can now expand their services offerings beyond their neighbourhood. Especially helpful for businesses that can provide virtual services/online services. These businesses can now expand their reach by offering their services to a larger audience.

Budget recommendation:

With this new feature, budget recommendations are provided by Yelp’s machine learning engine, that provides budget recommendation based on the business profile, historical campaign performance, etc. A few years back the budget estimated was largely left to advertisers to decide.Yelp would share the budget recommendations based on other similar businesses, but that was it, it was helpful but not as precise.

Advantages: More accurate budget recommendation based on various factors which would certainly help businesses take the right decisions regarding optimizing budgets for their ads.

Did not want to end this post without mentioning about some more additional features that Yelp introduced in recent times:

Yelp Connect. This platform was launched in 2019, and enabled business owners to reach out/communicate with their existing and potential customers. This service was only available to restaurants back then. In March 2020, Yelp expanded this service to all categories. This helped businesses share real time updates in terms of changes in their hours, operations, etc.

Previously, Yelp only allowed businesses to reach out to users who followed or bookmarked them and to users who were located near their area. However, with the new changes, businesses can now reach users who are engaged with similar businesses and are searching for relevant categories on Yelp.

Advantages: This will be very helpful for to businesses who are looking to expand. They will have access to a targeted audience.

It seems from the above that Yelp is now more focused on enhancing the experience of business owners, who are listed with them, by providing them more customization options. Will be eager to see what they will roll out next. You can find more information on these updates here.

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