Email marketing; A powerful arsenal for Internet Marketers

Definition of Email Marketing:

Simply put, when a marketer uses emails to reach out to potential customers.It forms a part  is one of the various Internet Marketing strategies. Online marketers can make use of this powerful way to reach interested audience.

This post outlines the best practices of email marketing and how to make it more effective.

We all receive emails from people we do not know, most of it lands up directly into our spam folders, so we end up not opening those emails, let alone reading any of them. The ones that somehow escape the spam detection might get read by many of us. There are of course newsletters and promotional emails that arrive at our email boxes because we have given our consent to receiving such emails.

These emails are sent to you so that:

1. You become aware of something
2. You buy a product or service
3. You join a campaign for a cause
And many others…

If the emails are opened and read by the recipients, and if the landing URL is persuasive and appeals to the target audience, it can result in an immediate conversion. Such is the power of an effective email marketing campaign!

On the flop side, the delivery of these email averaged at only 56%.

In summary, email marketing is more effective when it is sent to subscribers who have voluntarily asked to receive such promotional emails or Newsletters. If your web site is an informational storehouse and has a lot to share with the visitors, it might be advisable to have a newsletter, and to ask your visitors to sign in for your newsletter. It is a sort of win-win situation for both, the visitors get an update on subjects that interesting them, and you get to reach out to  an interested group of subscribers.

The best practices of email marketing would be to adhere to the spam policies, to deliver what is promised in the message, and to have a unsubscribe message at the end of the email. Email marketing works best when the interests of both parties are taken in to account. Respect for your would be customers is essential before you start bombarding your target market.

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