Why review dated web pages?

Review and re-engineer existing pages to improve quality

It might help to take a look at your existing pages and check if they are relevant. Relevancy would vary from website to website.

If your website has been in existence for a long time, there may be content that you wrote that is now dated and may need to be rewritten. Largely this will depend upon the products/ services that you are offering. If your website is informational, you may want to review and update the information on those pages so as to make it current. If your website offers products, you may want to check if all the information on your products still holds good. If those products are no longer in existence you may want to remove them or link them to to a relevant page/product. It helps to do a quality check from time to time on all these aspects so that your visitors/potential customers get the latest information. This in turn leaves a positive impression on your visitors about your website .

The other positive aspect of doing this exercise is to take a critical look at your web pages and answer some of these questions:

1. What is this page about?
2. Is it providing any solution?
3. What is in it for the visitor?
4. Can it function as an entry page?
5. Does it have links to other pages of your website?
6. Does your page follow SEO best practices; Is it optimized for search engines, Social media, and visitors?

This will help you optimize the content and layout of your pages so that you can get the most out of that page. This exercise holds good for all your new and dated pages. More so, for the dated pages because you can look at it from a fresh perspective and critically evaluate what needs to be updated/changed.

This exercise will be extremely beneficial for you and your visitors.You will be surprised at some of your findings and  get a lot of satisfaction in working towards improving the overall quality of your web site.

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