Ways of generating traffic …This is certainly not new

Yesterday while going through and validating  comments on my blog, I found a comment that made me stop and pay attention.

The comment was somthing like …Hey I remember i had seen this website before… This guy made a exact copy of your site. Or possible this is also your site? http://www.xyz.org (actual web site has been replaced by xyz)

After reading this comment, naturally I wanted to visit this site which was supposed be an exact same copy of my site.

After clicking on the link, it took quite a bit of time for the website to get displayed. It was one of those sales letter kind of site promising increased traffic to your website.This whole exercise was to get a visitor on their site and buy their service.

I clicked out of the site as fact as possible, not because it was not worth looking at but because of the way they got me in there.

My question is how successful are these web sites?

I will never go back there but perhaps they might entice a few who might want to try their service.

Speaking strictly for me, I would rather go with a marketing message that culminates into a service that rings true with what was promised.


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The internet has been a great source of interest to me. I have been involved with website promotions and SEO since the late 90s. Those days SEO was not as well-known or wasn't really the top priority for most businesses. The whole SEO concept was still at its nascent stage. It is interesting how SEO has evolved over the past decade. My objective of setting up this website is to share my experiences and help your business attain a higher visibility on the internet.
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