Updates and their repercussions in the life of a webmaster

Till quite some time back, I used to follow every Google update, lap up everything that was being said about the update, and analyze the effect of every update on my website.

Some updates were good, I could see my ranking improve, and I would rejoice. And then there were some updates where my ranking would shift altogether to another page! That would give me major stress. I would go through sleepless nights of wondering why my website was getting penalized (I thought so at that time)

Looking back now, I feel it was needless. Updates or no updates Google and the other major search engines keep working on the search algorithms, getting paranoid about it was actually driving me crazy and doing me no good. And assuming that my website was being penalized was also stupidity because my conclusions were based on emotions and not facts!

Now I know, that along with SEO skills, patience, and hard work have to be permanent factors for a webmaster.

Today whenever my website’s ranking go up, I am elated of course but when it goes down, I do not feel desolate and depressed, I know that I need to work harder, and keep at the work that I have been doing. After all, if the techniques that I am applying are correct,and I have
not ever tried any wrong techniques, why should I even think that my website is being penalized! It must be something else that could be causing it.

This is where analytics helps me a lot. It provides me with the logical answer, and data that I can depend upon.

All is well and will remain so if you are applying the right techniques, and you are in complete alignment with the objective of your website. Just like we have ups and downs in life, you need to accept the fact that there will be ups and downs for your website rankings as well. Focusing on ranking alone will just end up in heartburn. Why not focus on other areas? Why not look for those keywords that may not be competitive and yet for your website they might bring in relevant traffic?

Remain focused, and apply the right techniques. Believe me, you will never suffer from bouts of depression when search engines change or update their algorithm.

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