SEO in 2021

SEO in 2021

SEO in 2021 will be a mix of several factors. Over the years, SEO has become more complex, and 2021 will continue to be even more complex. Not only will SEO include all the aspects of SEO best practices, aspects such as, personalization and customization will now play a larger role in SEO.

The world has become more “online” ever since the pandemic, any business that was not online in 2019, would definitely have an online presence by now; Even if it means having a FaceBook page to begin with!

What does this imply for SEO in 2021?

With more and more businesses competing for the same customer, attracting and retaining the attention of your customer is going to be even more challenging. Challenging because of the increase in competition, in terms of price, availability, quality, after sales service, etc., but most of all because of visibility!

You have to be found before you get into the competition.

The good news is, this is not an impossible task, and you don’t necessarily have to be an established brand to achieve that.

How can SEO help?

The answer lies in applying SEO best practices and including it in all aspects of your online presence, be it your websites, social media presence, visuals and videos. Every online footprint needs to be optimized. The focus areas would be:

1. Providing clear unambiguous messages which is in sync with your USPs (very-very important)
2. What sets you apart from your competition (USP), why should people choose you over so many others who are promising the same services/products?

Executing SEO in 2021. SEO in 2021, would have two distinguishable parts:

  1. The first part would be SEO optimizing each and every element of your Website and webpages. Again, this is a continuous process and will not change in 2021.

2. The second and the most important aspect in 2021 would be applying SEO optimization on your social media presence, which would be content optimization, Optimizing tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest boards, Visuals, and Videos.

Optimize, Customize, and Personalize would be the SEO mantra for 2021.

SEO efforts would largely be focused upon optimizing visuals, videos, and Voice in order to increase online conversions.

The later part of 2020 saw a steep rise in the availability of so many different products online, and from businesses that were perhaps not in existence before, and the best part was most of them managed to convert quite a few visitors into paying customers rather quickly.

How did they achieve that?

They did so by strengthening their Social media presence by simply understanding the needs of the audience. and responding with impactful, optimized messages using SEO techniques.

In summary, SEO in 2021 would need to be extremely focused with the objective of delivering faster results.

Marketers have a lot of options to choose from, and they will need to chose based on where their potential customers hang out the most and come up with a detailed SEO strategy based on that. The application of SEO on Social media will be at an all-time high .

Very exciting times ahead for online marketing and SEO 🙂  Stay tuned for more.

Have a very happy new year. Stay safe and healthy.

See you in 2021:)

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