SEO and Lead generation

Most internet marketers today focus on PPC to get them their leads online. While it is true that PPC is the fastest and the most effective way of generating leads; can we ignore leads that we get from SEO efforts?

Your best practices for lead generation should also include SEO lead generation.

SEO impacts almost all your online activities. Be it submitting news to PR sites, optimizing content in the Social networking sites or even getting affiliates for your products/ services.

Many visitors visit your site from links that have been acquired because of SEO efforts. These visits may many at times end in a conversion. Since SEO percolates down to almost each and every medium- search, Social media, news sites, affiliate sites, the chances of visitors coming in to your site from these sources are very high.

The need for today is to have a holistic online marketing strategy. The strategy should not ignore the leads that your website receives from SEO efforts. Today people are not solely dependent on search engines to provide them the answers, most people use Social networking sites. Marketers cannot effort to miss out on the opportunities available from Social networking sites.

Search Engine Optimization, even though a slow process, once it gets going, it develops a network so wide that there is no stopping the benefits that you as a marketer can reap from it.

Go ahead and track the leads that come through your SEO and Social networking efforts. After all, for SEO leads you won’t have to pay for every click. If you are focused on lead generation, make sure that all your pages, especially the SEO optimized content ┬ápages (and not just the landing pages that are created specifically for PPC), have your forms so that you can track easily which pages are bringing in the leads. Go on, work on both SEO, Social medial marketing, and PPC, and watch your revenues grow.

The most important investment that you can make for SEO is time. Just find time to work on optimizing the content on your own site and Social networking sites. You can hire a SEO professional who can to do this for you, if you do not have that much time to spare. Spread your content and links all over the internet. You will find that the benefits of SEO are manifold.

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