Seek And You Shall Find

That is what the internet has been for me. All I need to do is just type in (sometimes I don’t have to type in everything, Google preempts it, and completes it for me!) what it is that I am seeking, and I find it!

By the internet, I mean mostly the search engines because for the majority of searchers, search engines are the starting point of anything that they wish to find.

From finding a pair of shoes to booking yourself on an international tour is now so very easy! I wonder how we existed before the internet came in to our lives!

The best part of the internet is the opportunity that it provides to so many businesses. Businesses that probably would not have thought of existing if the internet did not exist. Businesses today thrive on the availability of access to visitors all over the world!

For the end users, finding information, products and services on the internet is so very easy, for businesses however, finding potential customers is not that easy,unless there is an extensive focus on online marketing.

Having a website is just a starting point. Promoting it and marketing it is the most critical  step, the successful implementation of this step will translate into the arrival of visitors. The internet provides a lot of options and channels through which you can promote your website. The tips given below will help you in optimizing your efforts towards getting noticed online.

The appearance and the paraphernalia associated with it:-

1. Dress up well: An attractive design helps
2. Be friendly and approachable: User friendly navigation and content
3. Be helpful: Provide links and contact numbers
4. Offer quality service: By providing testimonials and guarantees
5. Provide discounts: For new users to try your products
6. Create Trust by including trust seals in the purchase pages, and by creating a positive image on the internet.
7. Don’t oversell: Don’t force your products on your visitors by the continual display of pop ups that refuse to go away. This is very irritating and visitors may never come back again if you use these tactics.
8. Don’t confuse: Be clear in your communications. The language used should be easy to understand and not confusing.
9. And don’t get carried away: Keep things simple

Promoting your website online:

10.Research and find sites that rank well and that may cross sell. Don’t hesitate to ask for favours like getting a complimentary link, especially if you sell complimentary products.
11. Provide contact numbers, Prominently display help desk numbers on your site, and if you have links on other sites ensure that visitors will be able to reach you by calling or emailing you.
12. Ensure that your website or contact details are featuring in the local directories and Google and Yahoo local options
13. Be proactive by creating a strong presence in the social media sites. If there are reviews, good or bad, acknowledge those, and respond.
14. Keep looking for opportunities to promote your website. It could be through a local event, or through running a short terms advertising campaign, it is essential that you “make your presence felt”
15. If you are not a big brand, you will need to emphasize and ensure that both the price and your product/service is competitive.
16. Give enough discounts and flexibility to visitors so that they are motivated to try out your products/services
17. Handle customer queries with promptness.
18. Provide links to your purchase page/subscription page from wherever you have links or presence on the internet.

These are just a few tips and there are many more that you will uncover while working on promoting your website. A focused and planned approach in promoting your website online will help in improving your website’s visibility, and visitors will start pouring in.

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