Search Engine Algorithm Updates – How do they effect you?

  • What is a Search Engine Algorithm?

Search engine algorithms are differnet for each search engine. Each serach engine has its own algorithm. The algorithm adopted by each search engine forms the basis of why some web sites rank higher than others. Search engines update their algorithms from time to time to make their search results as accurate as possible. The recent Google Panda Algorithm update is an example. Algorithms are complex since they take into account many-many factors. It is almost impossible to know the exact mix of factors. It is the basis of how search engines work so that they can provide us results that are consistent and accurate.

  • What does it mean for a webmaster?

It means that your website may or may not have been effected by the update. As long as your techniques are user and search engine friendly, there is no reason to fear. At the end of the day each search engine is looking at providing the most accurate results to visitors.

In the process, they may try to deprioritize web sites that are not the best performing or are not of much value to the visitors. If your site is one of the many sites that got affected by the latest update, don’t despair. There could be various reasons for that. Perhaps your website lacks links from Authoritative sites, not enough content perhaps …There could be hundreds of reasons. Try to look at your web site critically, is your web site providing value to visitors?How can you make it better? How can you get more potential customers to visit your website? Is your website linking to a link farming website?

  • How do we make sure that we are complying?

I think the reasons mentioned above can be a guideline. Though again there are no hard and fast rules. Just focus on the value that your web site provides.

  • Is there a foolproof way? What if the method that one employs today to make sure that the web sites that we create are search engine compliant today but after a few months another updates changes all of that?

There is one universal method that can be employed and that is to be completely honest.As long as you are delivering on what you have promised the visitors and honouring your commitments, i think you are on the right track. In addition to providing a web site that visitors can trust, keep working on getting links from authoritative sites. Also, make sure you are covered on the social networking sites.

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