Reviews and their impact

Reviews & Ratings; 3 key factors-Part 3

Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings is the third most critical factor contributing towards ranking in SERPs. Reviews and ratings happen to play a very critical role in deciding the popularity of your products and services.

Since Reviews and ratings are completely driven by customers, it is absolutely essential that you are alert to what is being said about your products and services online, and proactive in responding to the feedback. Today as businesses owners you may no longer have the discretion of hand picking reviews,

You may still publish reviews that you wish to in your websites, but with the dynamic nature of reviews being published online, you may no longer have a say or control on this factor.

The impact of Customer reviews and ratings

Your customers today have the option of rating local business online on Google, Amazon, and on any shopping site. For Amazon, and many other online shopping sites, ratings are one of the key factors in the buying decision.

Before making any buying decision, I always check the reviews…a lot of my decisions to buy a certain product depends upon what people are saying about that product (at least one can make an educated guess based on these reviews). This is especially true for an unknown brand, a new product, and even for an established brand.

What used to be considered as a “good to have” feature earlier is now a “must have”.

Positive or negative, all reviews and ratings are now online for everyone to see. As a business owner your focus should be on being proactive, and responsive. In fact you can make reviews and ratings work for you and in your favour (I don’t mean for you to buy out reviews and ratings, some businesses may do so, but it is not an ethical practice, and does not help in the long run!) by being proactive.

Negative feedback can be dealt with in a positive manner. Where else can you get authentic feedback straight from our customers? This is a great chance for to interact with your visitors, and sort out issues and concerns. By quickly acting on a feedback, you can convert an unhappy customer into a happy one.

In summary, the more responsive you are the more it will help you with earning a customer’s confidence . If your products and services are very good, you will definitely find that great reviews and ratings are pouring in automatically. However, expecting that good products will take care of everything may not be completely correct.

What is becoming more important now is the pro-activeness, sincerity, genuine care by which businesses are interacting and responding to their customers.

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