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Local business listings-Rank higher on SERPS-Part 2

In continuation to my last post where we discussed Content which is the the top most key factor to rank higher on SERPS, this post is about the 2nd most critical factor – local business listings and location.

Local business listings and Location:

The importance of location has increased a lot over the years, and so much so that the online success of your business depends upon you providing accurate data on your local business listings on Google and Yahoo.

Basic information such as the ones mentioned below need to be provided so that visitors can find all the information they need:

Products or services provided,
Opening time of your business,
Special offers,
Contact number

Businesses must ensure that their local listings are always current

The information that you provide is visible to anyone searching for a product that you may be offering. Absence of, or outdated/ incorrect information may result in the customers logging off and logging in to your competitors site.

A simple thing like keeping your online information updated and accurate will help in ensuring that you are not losing out on existing and potential customers.

If your local business listings do not have updated basic information such as the ones mentioned above then your business may be at risk of losing potential customers to competitors. Optimizing your local presence is one of the most critical factors that you must consider implementing in order to have a successful presence online.

I recommend that you have this at the top of your “Must do” list.

My business listings are easy to customise and you can add a lot of relevant information and pictures to drive engagement. If you do not have a local listing yet, it is time to get local, it is free, easy to set up, and is one of the fastest and most effective ways of reaching out to potential clients who are looking for your products/services locally ( just like in the image below)

Local business listings

Optimize and update your local listings with offers, and relevant information so that your business is easily found for what it offers.

The third most critical factor goes hand in hand with location and local business listings. Keep a look out for my next post which will be the last post in this series.

What are some of your top critical factors that impact ranking? Would love to hear from you.

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