5 reasons why Organic search continues to dominate search

The internet provides us with so many options today to search, find, and zero in on what we need. Especially with social networking sites, it is now even easier to find information and information that you can trust because it has been recommended by your friend.

But organic search continues to dominate the search maze.

There are several factors that have ensured the dominance of organic search:-

1. Almost all the search engines are now providing optimized and relevant results. You will very rarely find irrelevant sites for high performing and popular keywords. If there are any, they will get weeded out.

2. Search engines, especially Google, is now focusing on CTRs for displaying results on the SERPs. We all knew it but it is now almost certain that the sites at the top are the ones that have a higher CTR.

3.  Search results are getting more and more customized. Relevance being the key focus for search engines.

4. Local optimized sites, if they have a decent CTR, will receive preference when search is conducted from that GEO area.

5. The extent of information that one can get on searching on search engines is still not comparable with any other platform. On any of the major search engines, if you type in anything, you are sure to get some results, and relevant results!

Because of these practices, searchers continue to find organic search very relevant. Moreover, more and more B2B  marketers are reporting higher conversions from organic traffic.

How to get more organic traffic to your site?
And what should Webmasters focus on?

Relevant and fresh content were always a requirement for a website’s success. But providing content just for the sake of adding content to a site does not help and does not work. What is important is how many people are clicking on the results, coming to your site, spending time, and converting. The whole objective of marketing your website on the internet is focused on converting potential customers.

Search engines results (non-paid search) have gone through a sea of changes in the last decade, and it has now come very close to providing visitors what they want.

Webmasters will need to focus more on very relevant and quality content. Also, content that is in-depth and is of help to the visitors should be the focus. Not only will this establish authority, the chances of people linking to your site will go up if your site provides quality content. 

Your site’s performance is a measure of the activities that a visitor performs when they arrive at your site. And search engines have become more and more sophisticated in tracking and ranking sites in terms of user behavior. Creating whitepapers, newsletters, and useful content that will help visitors and in turn your web site, is to be given due importance.

 In order to ensure that your site is well-represented on search engine organic results, webmasters will need to focus more and more on creating a high quality site. Quality being of key importance since it means quality in terms of content, design, and relevance.

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