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What is Affiliate Marketing? Are there any Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing?

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Simply put Affiliate marketing definition would be : Selling products and services belonging to someone else from their own websites. Affiliates earn a commission from the merchants for  selling their products and services.Affiliate marketing is one …

Internet Marketing & Offline Marketing

Internet Marketing & Offline Marketing; How do they compare?

Internet marketing and offline marketing are different ways of promoting your products and services. Internet marketing is an umbrella term that includes all the ways and means by which you can …

SEO Press Releases; Maximize traffic from Press Releases

Press Release is defined as:

 “A public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments”. This definition is from

How is it different for Online

What is an Authoritative/Authority site?

I was recently asked this question.
Though often talked about, I thought it still might be a good idea to write about authoritative sites and what they mean in terms of online marketing/ SEO.

—»Simply put, an authoritative site (or …