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The S3 (Social-SEO-SEM) Synthesis

The S3 (Social SEO SEM) synthesis as I call it, has been in the offing ever since social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter started gaining momentum, and now we are seeing the socialization of internet marketing activities.

Reviews and their impact on SEO

Reviews are something that every business would want to have. Reviews have been there since businesses starting having a presence on the Internet. A lot of websites displayed and still display testimonials from their customers. The difference from testimonials and …

SEO in 2015

In 2015 SEO will continue to evolve in terms of its applicability across all channels. Webmasters will need to focus more and more in making their websites popular and their presence felt across all possible channels  and mediums.

Here is …

Get more customers this holiday season with FourSquare

With the increased use of local search from mobile devices, finding a preferred place in a new city or for that matter finding new places in your own city is now so much easier.

And Foursqaure has made things even …

The Holiday shopping season is here, is your business mobile ready?

Almost everyone I know owns a smart phone and is typically almost always online. Starting from buying movie tickets online to finding a restaurant… most people today are more dependent on their mobiles than their laptops or desktops.

What does …

Infographics and SEO

Infographics are an attractive and effective way of presenting information and data.
They are like images within your content but with a difference.

As a child I always found it easier to understand and grasp any problem if it was …

How User-friendly is your site?

Successful websites have learnt the art of meeting their customers needs in the most helpful and user-friendly way.

The mantra is not just about providing information but to provide the information keeping in mind the potential customer’s requirements.

I was …