Just BING it!

Bing’s webmaster account is very helpful. Not only does it provide you reports on the traffic, search keywords; you can choose the date range and find out the %age change in traffic from last month.

A webmaster account with Bing is an essential arsenal for any webmaster. Unless you know what ails your website, how will you go about setting it right? The information will make you equipped to handle any errors in your web pages, and make it more user and search friendly.

The layout is crisp and lucid. My favorite section is the SEO report section, you must try this out. The information that you get out here is precious.

If you are still thinking about having an account with BING,  please don’t. Just go ahead and get registered. Firstly, because it is free, and secondly, you will get to know so much about traffic, search terms, errors…etc.

If you are a webmaster, it is essential that you have webmaster accounts with Bing and Google. A webmaster account ensures that you have a diagnosis available, and can act on it. What more can you ask? After all, the well being of your website is your first priority. It is what the doctor prescribed!

You must have an account in order to get started. Adding a site, and verifying your ownership is very easy to do. Give it some time to collate your date, and then you are good to go.

The below-mentioned screenshots will give you an idea about Bing Webmaster Account:

Add a site

Bing Add a site

Verify ownership

Bing verify ownership

Reports and Data

Bing reports and data

SEO report

Bing SEO Analysis

Inbound links

Bing Inbound links-report

Go ahead, just BING it. You will not regret it.

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