SEO: The Long Term Return On Investment

With more and more people believing that they do not need SEO, can websites and pages do away with SEO completely?

Or, does SEO need to be understood, explained, and marketed better?
I find it strange that SEO needs to make its presence felt and convince people about the need for SEO:(

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Email Marketing; How useful is it today?

Almost every communication that we send out and receive today is through emails, if adopted correctly, email marketing can be a powerful and effective tool in the hands of marketers.

Creative and timely use of email marketing is perhaps the best ways of attracting and retaining existing customers, getting repeat orders, getting feedback, and staying alive in the minds of customers.

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Is SEO still critical for on-line visibility?

A recent conversation with a college student got me thinking. He has been quite successful in increasing his web site’s visibility through social networking efforts. He was of the opinion that SEO is no longer required; it is more or less dead. There was some logic in his argument and I could not brush it aside completely.

But is SEO really dead?

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Local businesses; Get found for local searches

The volume of people searching on-line is on the rise, and therefore local searches are also on the rise. On Google maps or any other on-line local source, not only can one find the information that they are looking for, they also get additional information regarding how to reach the closest destination, contact numbers, timings, and much more.

Can businesses ignore this potential source of traffic any more?

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Worth Stumbling Upon

In an era when search engines and social networking sites are getting saturated with information and updates, it always helps to “Stumble Upon” a site that gives your site a higher chance of getting noticed and attracting more traffic.

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Conversion Rate Optimization the natural way!

Your website ranks decently and is attracting a lot of traffic. But your visitors are not taking the required action.

What can you do the ensure that you can retain the attention of these visitors, convert them into paying customers, or do what you desire them to do, such as, subscribe to your newsletter, etc… once they are in your site?

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Top 4 On-page SEO elements that will continue to impact ranking

There are some very basic SEO elements of a website that are critical for the success of a website. They have not changed over the years, they may have changed in the way they are presented, but they continue to impact search engine results in the most powerful ways. This post is about some of the critical not to be compromised on-page SEO elements.

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Online Reputation Management; Are you doing this?

Managing online reputation is still not considered a necessity but the impact of negative reviews may be far greater than we realize. A brand’s positive image is not built in a day and through advertisements alone. It is a continuous process of engaging customers, of providing them quality after sales services, and being vigilant about what is being said about the brand.

The key is to be proactive and have a plan in place to ensure that the majority of the customers feel attended to and cared for.

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The S3 (Social-SEO-SEM) Synthesis

S3 Synthesis is what I call the combination of the three S’s: “Social Networking, SEO, and SEM” of Internet Marketing. The internet, and the way people access and use the internet, has been evolving at a rapid speed.

It is apparent that marketers will need to evolve their internet marketing strategies in keeping with the changing needs. Social networking, SEO, and SEM can no longer remain isolated techniques, they are and they will need to converge together to form a more powerful, effective, and efficient way of attracting relevant traffic.

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Into the visual Age

Visually appealing and relevant content verses textual pages of valuable, relevant, and informative content? Which of these two do you think will make more impact? Is it visuals, textual content, or a middle path?

The challenge today is to have content that is persuasive, is of high quality, unique, and also caters to shorter attention spans!

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